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A jib crane is a crane with a horizontal load-supporting beam which is attached to a free-standing or building-mounted pivoting vertical column, offering lifting and lowering within a fixed arc of rotation. Our jib cranes are available as both free-standing and wall-mounted, and may be equipped with either chains or wire rope hoists.

We’re proud to be a distributor of O’Brien jib cranes, offering one of the largest selections in North America. O’Brien jibs are manufactured in Canada, and have a maximum capacity of 20 tonnes, as well as a maximum reach of 65 feet.

Freestanding jib cranes can be constructed for maximum slewing angles of 360 degrees with a variety of fixing solutions including anchor bolts and wall plates.

Since 1985, we have been a licensed partner with Vetter Krantechnik providing the best quality of jib cranes in North America.

O’Brien jib cranes are designed and manufactured in Canada.

Jib Crane Product Line

  • Lancer
  • Assistant
  • Cadet
  • Tie Rod
  • Sergeant Major
  • Wall Traveling
  • Major
  • Cadet
  • Boss
  • Direct Mount Base Plate
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